Made in the artist's Austin based studio, each piece is hand crafted with porcelain, glaze and 14k gold or gold fill. 

Please note, the handmade technique allows for slight variation, adding to the unique beauty of each piece. 

Porcelain is strong yet delicate.  Wear with care and store gently. 


A few tips to keeping your jewelry looking its best:


Gently wear and enjoy for a long time.  Porcelain is best treated like shell, glass or gemstone jewelry. It is recommended to remove jewelry while sleeping, swimming, showering, etc. Some beauty products may cause gold finish and adhesives to break down.


As with most jewelry, a patina will develop over time.  To help reduce tarnish and clean the porcelain, mild soap & warm water can be used with a soft bristle brush to increase shine and patina, then dry with a soft towel.  I use a soft bristle toothbrush, mild dish soap and terry cloth towel. Gold glaze is a surface treatment and may patina or fade depending on pH, use and exposure to chlorine.

DO NOT use brush on gold glaze.


A jewelry box or other closed hard case can help slow tarnish and protect both the porcelain & metal components of your jewelry.



Should an item get damaged, we want to get it fixed up and back to you as soon as possible!  To do so, please read the following.                                                            Return damaged item to the store where the item was initially purchased or ship directly to the studio.

If sending a repair to the studio, please contact for a repair form:

Allow up to 4-6 weeks for repairs. All items are handmade. Earring repairs - please send both earrings for best match. Shipping fees apply on all repairs. Depending on the nature of the repair there may be a repair fee. If there is a fee, we will get authorization from you before repairing the item. Should you choose to pass on the repair, initial shipping fees will not be reimbursed.

Include inside package: completed repair form and jewelry needing repair

Send to: Zoe Comings PO Box 49435 Austin, TX 78765